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    Hey Dingo-How goes things on the Mat ? Was there much of a furor over the Tech coach wanting to wear private singlets instead of any which had Tech on them ? If my AD had left me and my team sitting in a parking lot then made me fft a dual because he did not schedule a bus driver I'd be upset too. Hope things are well.
    Hey, man. Sorry for the late reply.Yeah, the AD was pissed. I got a hold of my friend at the Star and they wrote an article and shamed the department into apologizing and trying to make it right. Mendoza said everything is cool now.

    I hope one of his kids, Price or McGinley can move on to Conseco.

    Ben Davis has some tough guys too, especially Moss and Davenport.

    How are you doing, man?
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    Same as ever-glad to see the coach was not fired on the spot-BD sux-a school of 3,000 kids and a great football and wrestling tradition and having 2 tough kids is ridiculous.-especially when one is the coaches son. Strange how these 2 teams are mentioned as BD was ranked #1 My senior year and Tech won the state with only 8 kids but 4 were state champions.
    I look for IPS to cut wrestling in the next year or so as the private Catholic schools are the only ones who ever win the City championships.
    I remember my first teaching job at Frankfort and I had to drive a van to tournaments and provide food for the kids and then drive each kid home. Glad to see Mendoza make a stand .

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