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    Default Stephen Neal, Brock Lesnar recall ?99 title match

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    Default Re: Stephen Neal, Brock Lesnar recall ?99 title match


    Thanks for posting the link to that story. It had some information that was new to me.

    The article raises the spectre of the two meeting in MMA competition. It would've been great fun to imagine these two studs going at each other in the Octagon!

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    PS The Boston Herald story reminds me of an article in Sports Illustrated for Kids about a decade ago, about pro rasslin.' There was a sidebar column, where the three great college heavyweights of the era weighed in with their opinions on the WWE. Stephen Neal was the most adament, basically saying pro rasslin' was garbage. Kerry McCoy said he enjoyed watching it on TV and would entertain the idea of being a pro rassler. Brock Lesnar said something to the effect of "I'm too much of a warrior to do that." Interesting to see how things turned out...
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    Default Re: Stephen Neal, Brock Lesnar recall ?99 title match

    Pretty cool article. Learned some interesting stuff about both guys.
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