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Thread: Match ups post ufc 91

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    Dingo - Speaking of Indiana, have you ever been to Anderson? Just watched "Driving Dirty - Thundercars of Indiana" on HBO. Two comments:

    1. It's a shame what is happening to that town.
    2. The people that compete at that racetrack ... well, all I can say is ... wow.
    I haven't seen the show on HBO, but I've heard a little bit about it. Anderson used to be a pretty impressive city. Now it is similar to towns like Gary--few jobs, a lot of reminders of its past glory. It is a little depressing to go to Anderson, but I used to go a lot to the horse track there.
    I've been to the racetrack, but it was many years ago. All of the little tracks I've been to in Indiana are filled with 'wow' people.
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    Noticed Aaron Riley was signed to $4g+$4g; wasn't exactly paid like a UFC veteran (and/or an overall veteran). Fortunately, he got the fight bonus.
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