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Thread: Is Cro Cop Finished????

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    Default Is Cro Cop Finished????

    In a very lackluster fight Cro Cop has lost back to back fights for the first time in his carrer. Not only did he lose but he looked like he was hesitant to mix it up. It looked like the beating he absorbed at the hands of Gonzaga might have taken the fight out of him and put an end to his carrer

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    I don't think he is done, just the division is a lot tougher. He flat out got beat Saturday and it was no fluke, but he was going against a beast.
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    Default Re: Is Cro Cop Finished????

    I don't know, he looks horrible compared to how he used to look in Pride. There's gotta be something going on with him IMO.

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    exactly my point. watching him on saturday he appeared as if he was shell shocked and intimitated even before the fight started. i just did not think he had that "killer instinct" that he has had when i watched him before the gonzaga fight

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    he claims that he broke a rib in the 1st round. That contributed to his lack of mobility/aggresiveness.
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