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Thread: Gerald Harris Wins by TKO

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    Default Gerald Harris Wins by TKO

    Not sure who the opponent was but Gerald Harris won his fight in OK tonight by TKO in the first round. If I get more details, I'll post them.

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    Good for brother Dlareg!!!
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    More info from Gerald regarding the fight:

    "The guy was pretty tough - he was in good shape and had a strong ground game. He didn't wanna stand for nothing so he kinda bull rushed me in the 1st seconds of the fight. I eventually slammed him, fought off some subs, cut him with an elbow, then dropped him with a right hand and kick. Great fight description huh?

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    The Nov 22nd fight is a no-go I haven't heard from them in a month. Im heading to England some time soon. Mike Dolce is already there.

    They are gonna put the fight on you tube- HDnet was there filming the entire event."

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    This fight will air on Inside MMA and has been posted to YouTube.
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