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    UFC Champ Randy Couture Sued for Non-Payment of $175,000 for Production of Gala to Support Military Families

    LAS VEGAS, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Randy Couture, the Heavyweight Champ
    of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is being sued for non-payment
    for the production of a gala that was to help military families. Couture,
    who is fighting in Las Vegas this weekend as part of an UFC card at the MGM
    Grand Garden Arena, also heads an organization known as Xtreme Couture GI
    Foundation, a Nevada based, non-profit organization dedicated to financial
    support of military families. The event, which was held May 27, 2007, was
    also purportedly held to support the launch of Couture's clothing line.
    "Our client, Toast of New York, LLC, performed under incredible
    pressure and a constantly shrinking budget to produce a large scale,
    cutting edge event as requested by Couture and his representatives,"
    explained Terry Coffing, managing partner in the law firm of Marquis &
    Toast of New York, which specializes in high end red carpet/black tie
    events, literally transformed Couture's gym into an over the top
    experience; instead of a red carpet, UFC fighters walked an entry of custom
    designed camouflage carpet and custom choppers. The room was themed with a
    DJ in a fighting Octagon and guests were treated to the hottest video games
    through Xbox Live. Video of the event is available at
    Explained Coffing, "Our client was not responsible for selling tickets
    or getting sponsors to the event -- Couture's agent, Matt Walker, believed
    Couture's name would be a big enough draw to bring sponsors and ticket
    holders in droves. The suit alleges that when neither the crowds nor the
    sponsors showed, Couture only paid $50,000 of the $175,000 bill."
    Toast of New York, LLC is an event planning and production company with
    offices on both coasts. The company has experience in planning events for
    national entertainment, products and sports figures. Past clients have
    included Fox Television, X-Box, Oprah, Coors Light, ESPN and Maxim

    SOURCE Marquis & Aurbach

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    $175,000 is a little steep for some video consoles and some grub don't ya think? $50,000 sounds good to me. They should be glad they got that much off an event that failed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TycoonSlam View Post
    $175,000 is a little steep for some video consoles and some grub don't ya think? $50,000 sounds good to me. They should be glad they got that much off an event that failed.
    Thats not how it works, the company wasnt responsible for selling tickets or getting sponsors, which means its Cotures responsibility to pay for the event.

    If you hire me to plan you a party, and then you throw the party and no one comes and you cant pay for it thats your fault not mine.

    I'd be interested to hear Cotures side of the story
    Gold is an idiot.

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    If the company did the work, it's up to Couture to pay the bill. He should have done more to promote the event if he wanted to make money. It was his idea to have the over the top party.

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