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Discuss Werdum unemployed, Vera employed at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Let me get this straight. Fabricio Werdum is out of a job, and Brandon Vera ...
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    Default Werdum unemployed, Vera employed

    Let me get this straight. Fabricio Werdum is out of a job, and Brandon Vera is still on the UFC's roster?

    I was definitely surprised by Werdum at UFC 90. He looked out of shape at weigh-ins, and of course was knocked out by UFC newcomer Junior Dos Santos. But before that, he was considered an up-and-coming heavyweight. After dropping his UFC debut to Andrei Arlovski, he TKO'ed Vera and Gabriel Gonzaga for which he was paid a base of $80,000.

    Brandon Vera has been the anointed one since he beat Frank Mir at UFC 65. Looking back, Mir was not at his best after getting in a car accident, so the win may not have meant as much as we thought when it happened. Vera then went onto lose in sluggish fights against Tim Sylvia and Werdum. He slimmed down for a fight against Keith Jardine at light heavyweight , but still looked lethargic in the loss. His base pay was $100,000 for the losses, $40,000 for the win over Mir.

    Werdum supposedly was sent packing because his contract renegotiations fell apart. It's odd that he would try to renegotiate after losing, since he hardly had the upper hand. But if the UFC really needed to do some fat-trimming, wouldn't it have made more sense to cut Vera, who has lost three of his last four, seemed uncomfortable at his new weight and makes more money than Werdum?

    I never understood Dana White's blind allegiance to Vera. He is an exciting fighter to watch when he wins, but that happens so rarely. Why didn't Werdum receive the same loyalty?

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    Default Re: Werdum unemployed, Vera employed

    It would've been the UFC who initiated the renegotiation, not Werdum. Their contracts typically give the UFC options to get out if the fighter loses. His contract likely had such a clause and the UFC decided to exercise it and try to get him for less money - because after the loss, he would fall out of the title picture for his next few fights and they probably felt he would be earning too much under the existing contract for someone not in the immediate title hunt.

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    Default Re: Werdum unemployed, Vera employed

    I also noticed Pete Willimas is out, while Mark Coleman is in. UFC difficult to understand.
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    Default Re: Werdum unemployed, Vera employed

    If Werdum came into the fight with Dos Santos looking like he does in the picture the ts posted then he may still be in the UFC.

    Get fat and lazy get knocked out by a newbie and that could be the consequences.

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    Default Re: Werdum unemployed, Vera employed

    If the UFC is the one who essentially started the "renegotiation" and cut him, that was both dumb (because their HW division isn't exactly stocked right now) and messed up, because I think this was the first fight on a new contract.
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