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    Default Couture lays into Affliction

    Randy Couture is facing the daunting task of giving up nearly 60 pounds to Brock Lesnar on fight night at UFC 91. But after dealing for more than a year with the politics of mixed martial arts it sounds like he'll take his chances in the cage against the behemoth.

    Just when Couture thought he was finished in the courtroom having buried the hatchet with Dana White and the UFC, now he may have another battle on hands with his apparel provider Affliction. The relationship soured three weeks ago when Todd Beard, one of Affliction's founders, went on Scott Ferrall's Sirius Satellite Radio show and shredded Couture (AUDIO HERE):

    "Randy if you're listening right now, I hope Lesnar (expletive) kills you."
    Those are strange words coming from the guy whose company manufactures and markets Couture's Xtreme Couture clothing line. Beard then went crazy suggesting that the fight was a set-up by UFC management in order to have Couture lose to Lesnar and hand over the promotion's heavyweight title to the future star.

    Couture hasn't spoken much on the subject until yesterday when he came out firing at Beard:

    "I'm not terribly surprised by anything he does at this point. He's been a bit of a loose cannon our entire relationship. Now he's pushed it over the line where it's not re-salvageable."

    Couture is particularly peeved about the fact that he can't even wear his own clothing line into the cage next week. Affliction gear has been banned by the UFC since the clothing maker got into the fight promoting game. That ban was further solidified when Beard cursed out UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta during phone negotiations to bring Affliction back into the fold.

    Couture lays into Affliction @ Yahoo!MMA

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    Default Re: Couture lays into Affliction

    So I've heard.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Default Re: Couture lays into Affliction

    I also hear he's not doing business with alcoholics anymore either
    Like Billy Jacks' soul attack, I'm one Injun you wont forget.

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