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    Not many media members have had access to Junie Browning, the drunk, bi-polar villian on The Ultimate Fighter 8. Yahoo! Sports caught up with Junie at his new training home, Xtreme Couture, where he sounded like he's not very sorry for his actions and explained that he was put on a show for ratings.

    "Half the stuff I did I don't even remember cause most of the nights were a drunken blur. What's done is done. At least I'm entertaining. That ain't too many positive things that come from it. At least the ratings are up."

    Browning says his reckless nature and Las Vegas is not bad a mix.

    "People get the wrong interpretation of me. People think the way I act in the house is the way I act all the time. I take training real seriously. Since I've been out here in Vegas I haven't been out once. The only thing I've been drinking is water."

    Junie just another reality star @ Yahoo!MMA

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    Too bad he didn't just drink water on the show. He could have made the best of an incredible opportunity.

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