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Thread: The myth of 'getting caught'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schlottke View Post
    You don't think someone can sit a whole match looking for the "knockout" spladle?
    Far be it from me to question you about this, but isn't that a bit high risk? You have to have the perfect conditions to be able to pull that off. With a knockout punch, it's much easier to pull off.

    Do a search for "Ernie Shavers" and you'll see what I mean. He could end a fight with one punch, with little conditon of someone leaving themselves open for it. With a spladle, you need a series of mistakes and/or opportunities to get that to work. With a knockout, it's a matter of one punch, which is fairly easy to land.

    Again, far be it from me to question you about this, but I'm, not too far off, am I?
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    Default Re: The myth of 'getting caught'

    How many of you coaches have watched your kid take a 10 point lead intothe last minute to get caught in a reverse cradle or headlock ? We had a 126 lber who stuck a 2 x state champ by catching him in a headlock-pure luck-first points Dave Thomas -our kids name had ever scored on Geib from carmel in 5-6 matches . We were al laughing our asses off .

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