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Thread: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

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    Default A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    On a wacky night of WEC action in Hollywood, Florida it had to happen this way. Riding a 13-fight win streak, Urijah Faber got sloppy and paid the price. Faber tried to deliver a silly back elbow from long distance. Mike Brown countered below the elbow with a right hand that nearly lifted Faber off the canvas. 'The California Kid' went down in a heap with 2:54 left in the first round and immediately went into the turtle position. Brown jumped on top and landed most of the 29 punches and hammerfists that he threw. The 24th blow thrown by Brown actually snapped Faber's head back. Referee Troy Waugh jumped in stopping the fight seconds later at 2:23 of the first. Brown handed Faber his first loss since 2005 and gained the WEC Featherweight belt.

    "I don't have a lot of knockouts on my record," said an excited Brown."But I (expletive) hit hard."
    During some early clinches, Brown (20-4) stymied Faber with his strength. Then Brown got Faber to lose his cool when placed his hands in his face and tossed the shorter fighter to the ground. Faber got up with an angry look and puts his hands to his side. Seconds later Brown again tossed Faber into the cage and that's when he made the fatal mistake with the sloppy elbow attempt.

    With Faber (21-2) carrying the promotion the last few years, it's likely that we'll see an immediate rematch. It won't be easy to get his title. This was no fluke. Brown definitely belonged in the cage with Faber.

    "I train with the best team in the world. We have so much depth. So many great guys," said Brown, a 32-year old native of Maine. "All I gotta do is perform like I do in training everyday and I know I can beat anyone in the world."
    In the co-main event, a disinterested Paulo Filho was knocked from the unbeaten ranks by Chael Sonnen. Jen Pulver suffered a devastating TKO loss at the hands of Leonard Garcia.

    A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt @ Yahoo!MMA

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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    Brown looked huge for a featherweight!! I think he usually fights at 155 Faber weighed in at 144.5 and Brown was tossing him around.

    I agree Faber lost focus for one second and Brown Capitalized on it. I want to see a re-match I think Faber underestimated Brown and paid the price. I like the way Urijah fights and hated to see him go down like that.

    The Filho fight was a waste of our time. He laid on the mat trying to sucker Sonnen in and he was not biting. The crowd was booing everytime Filho laid on his back. His lack of commitment was shown when he weighed in 7 pounds over.

    I believe that Garcia probably would have edged out Pulver in the end but I expected a better showing.

    Jake Rosholt has a good ground & pound game but he needs to work on his Standup big time. He ate a lot of shots to the head going for a takedown. I think he will keep working hard and will continue to get better.
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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    Faber has done stuff like that several times and always got away with it. This time Brown made him pay.

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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    Brown f'd his world up.
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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    It was amazing how Mir and the other announcer praised Faber no matter what he did.

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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    I agree, PJ. They were giving it the "Rogan" treatment. However, I think it should be noted that was a blind punch by Brown, and it was really Faber's wildness that cost him moreso then Brown's striking. Still, fairplay to Brown, he's the rightful winner.
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    Default Re: A momentary loss of focus costs Faber his belt

    Mike Brown profile :

    Mike was born and raised in Portland, Maine
    Wrestled throughout high school and continued on at Norwich University.
    Trained with Team Elite in Mass before making his move to South Florida to train full time with ATT.

    Congratulation to Mike Brown, Chael Sonnen, Jake Rosholt, Carmelo Marrero, Aaron Simpson and Danny Castillo . All former wrestlers!

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