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Discuss Luta Livre vs bjj at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Royler Gracie Vs Eugenio Tadeu ( Close doors Vale Tudo without tatami ) Tadeu ...
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    Default Luta Livre vs bjj

    Royler Gracie Vs Eugenio Tadeu (Close doors Vale Tudo without tatami)

    Tadeu vs Pitanguy (Vale Tudo)

    Ruas vs Pinduka (Vale Tudo)

    Renzo Gracie vs Tadeu (Vale Tudo)

    Paulo Filho vs Cacareco (Grappling)

    Luta Livre fighter Euclides Pereira defeated Carlson Gracie in a Vale Tudo match and Euclydes Hatem fought and defeated George Gracie in the 40s.
    Luta livre is the style with most victories in IVC.
    Cosidering that bjj is much more popular and can also have more good fighters.
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