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Thread: Denis Kang signs with UFC

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    Default Denis Kang signs with UFC

    He will be a good addition to the division. He has a great skillset but had some struggles after becoming a rising star in Pride. He seems to be back on track now and I look forward to seeing him fight.

    It is being reported all over the place is one site.

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    Default Re: Denis Kang signs with UFC

    Thats pretty cool, I look forward to some interesting fights. I bet the sherdog kids are blowing their wads about this.
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    Default Re: Denis Kang signs with UFC

    Exciting fighter, but I don't know that he's necessarily a top tier fighter. I don't think he'll make it to Anderson Silva, but who knows?
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    Default Re: Denis Kang signs with UFC

    That's a surprise. Agree, good addition. Although he isn't as highly regarded as he had been before losing in the GP finals and then losing in round 1 of the next Dream GP
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    Default Re: Denis Kang signs with UFC

    He fills a major need at 185. Great stand-up, struggles a bit on the mat, but the division really needs guys like him. Great signing.
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    Default Re: Denis Kang signs with UFC

    With this and the addition of Filho and Sonnen in the near future the division is headed in the right direction.

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