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I do not think this should be that big of a deal other than saying Silva showboated a little too much.

That being said anytime you hype an athlete up to the level that UFC and the announcers did fans are going to be disappointed with anything less than a dominant performance.

UFC has claimed he is the best p4p fighter and the world and Rogan and Goldberg were saying things like "he is a once and a lifetime athlete" and "he will be talked about for decades and decades". So to follow that up with a performance that was high on style and some of the hottest dance moves and low on actual fighting there is bound to be some backlash.

I wonder if the fight would have picked up of if Silva was fine winning a decision. Perhaps didn't realize how important his highlight wins are to Dana.

Part of the reason to push his image as you are saying is because of Fedor - I think Dana's trying to counter the Fedor hype with AS hype.