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Thread: UFC 75 Champion v. Champion

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    MMA Junkie and UFC Mania both have quotes from two of the judges from Saturday night, regarding the Hamill/Bisping fight. I'm still not buying it and I think Hamill won but at least you see their rationale. Also, Dana claims their is a rematch in the works ASAP. Personally I'd rather see Bisping at 185 soon. He's not really going anywhere at 205, 185 is weak he may eventually contend there. But, I'm sure people would like to see "the true TUF 3 championship Part II".
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    I didnt think Hamill dominated but I thought he did enough to win for sure. But to judges scored the fight for Bisping and then one scores it 30-27 for Hamill I think there was a disconect somwhere with the judges.

    Mirko looked like Shit and until he get used to fighting in an octagon and not a square he will look like shit. In a ring he could cut people off and back them into a corner and he cant do that here.

    I really wanted Hendo to win that fight and I was surprised he coudnt pull out one more round after I thought he won the first two. Give Rampage credit he was in good condition and had great stand up defense for that bif over hand right of Dan's.

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