Thoughts on this one?

Bisping v. Hammil: I don't particularly have much in the way of thoughts on this one save for Bisping being favored, as I've seen very little of each guy.

Cro Cop v. Kongo: Both guys are strikers, Cro Cop is obviously better. Cro Cop has apparently been working all summer as well on his ground game which probably even before the work was better than Kongo's who is absolutely horrific on the ground. I think Cro Cop wins by TKO, but it'd be funnier if he subbed him

Rampage v. Hendo: This should be a great fight, they have similar styles both are great wrestlers, but also very good strikers. Rampage has the big size advantage, but Hendo has fought and beat bigger guys in the past. I doubt this one goes to a decision, but I'm still not really sure who I'm picking. Leaning towards Rampage, but could just as easily wake up tomorrow thinking Hendo