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Thread: Weigh-in results for UFC 90

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    Default Weigh-in results for UFC 90

    Today's weigh-ins took place at a packed Chicago Theatre on State St. in downtown Chicago. It was a weird juxtaposition to see the grittiness of the UFC in such a beautifully gilded theater.


    Pete Sell 170 lbs vs. Josh Burkman 173 lbs

    Marcus Aurelio 156 lbs vs. Hermes Franca 156 lbs

    Matt Horwich 186 lbs vs. Dan Miller 185 lbs

    Shannon Gugerty 156lbs vs. Spencer Fisher 155 lbs

    Drew McFedries 186 lbs vs. Thales Leites 186 lbs

    Main Event

    Gray Maynard 155 lbs vs. Rich Clementi 156 lbs

    Tyson Griffin 155 lbs vs. Sean Sherk 156 lbs

    Junior Dos Santos 234 lbs vs. Fabricio Werdum 256 lbs

    Josh Koscheck 170 lbs vs. Thiago Alves 171 lbs

    Patrick Cote 183 lbs vs. Anderson Silva 184 lbs

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    So, what's the deal with Burkman? Does he get time to drop the 2 lbs and re-weigh? Or maybe Sell agreed to fight him at 173 anyway?

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    I assume Sell wants to get paid, so he'll fight him even if he didn't manage to lose the two pounds.

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    Not making weight is a bid deal - sure Dana gets pissed at any guy who doesn't make weight. It's not fair to the guy who does make weigh and so far, 2 title fights became non title fights from not making weight.
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    Burkman made the weight with the extra hour.

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