"I thought all those pranks were stupid and boring. Pranks in Kentucky are like lighting cars on fire and stuff. The pranks Krzysztof was doing were the stuff you?d do at an old folks home. They were corny and stupid, and I don?t think they were funny at all. I think the only thing funny was when Vinny pissed in Efrain?s bed. That?s more like a practical joke where I come from.

Some people are surprised I didn?t get involved, but when I?m calm, I actually think about stuff, and I knew that if I did a prank on someone, and they did it back to me, I?d snap and go crazy. So that was me being responsible, and that don?t happen very often.

So far, the fight by the pool was the only entertainment I?ve seen this season; after that, you have Krzysztof and them, ?ha, ha, ha, ha, let?s freeze some underwear.? That?s just stupid."