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Thread: The Huntington Beach Bad Boy

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    Elite XC is done and in my opinion, rightfully so. Many a good fighter scrambles to find employment elsewhere and word on the street is that McDonalds has been flooded with work applications. No confirmation on that at this time, however. Personally, I'll be hanging out at strip clubs in Las Vegas, hoping to find that Gina Carano has taken her impromptu strip act, to one of the gentlemens clubs in Sin City. I'll keep you all posted.

    But what about Tito Or Tease and the big announcement that we've been waiting to hear from him? What's he going to do now? Dana doesn't want him. Elite XC is dead. Affliction can't afford his ridiculous asking price. King of the Cage perhaps? Maybe him and Jenna will start a porn company? Maybe Tito will become the actor he's always wanted to be? Someone help me out here.
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    Perhaps strikeforce. They recently signed a deal with NBC to air live fights so he could be a good addition although he would have to lower his salary demands.

    Affliction is paying Sylvia 800 k so I would guess they would be willing to pay at least that much so that is a reasonable option.

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    Tito already tried negotiating with Affliction and Trump asked him to not bother, after hearing Ortiz's asking price. Unless he's going to ask for sigfnificantly less, (and we know that isn't very likely) Ortiz better hope Strike Force is interested and tha tthey can make the numbers work. I wouldn't be surprised to see him crawling back to Dana with his tail between his legs, asking for forgiveness.
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    Yes I agree regardless of where he ends up Tito will have to take less than what he was expecting.

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    Personally I don't want to see Ortiz in the UFC. I don't see any compelling match ups for him, save perhaps Rampage Jackson and I don't see that fight being made. I'd much rather see him elsewhere taking on the likes of Babalu, Randleman, Frank Shamrock and the like. Maybe its that I don't want to see him lose and those are all very winnable fights for him.
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    either way he better find some kind of work, hes got twins on the way.
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    Tito has a career waiting for him. No costume needed.
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    Lets go Brent!

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    Maybe Tito's management should realize that "name recognition" only goes so far. You have to actually beat somebody to earn the big bucks. These are his last 5 fights.

    Loss Lyoto Machida Decision (Unanimous) UFC 84 - Ill Will 5/24/2008 3 5:00
    Draw Rashad Evans Draw UFC 73 - Stacked 7/7/2007 3 5:00
    Loss Chuck Liddell TKO (Punches) UFC 66 - Liddell vs Ortiz II 12/30/2006 3 3:59
    Win Ken Shamrock TKO (Punches) UFC - The Final Chapter 10/10/2006 1 2:23
    Win Ken Shamrock TKO (Elbows) UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals 7/8/2006 1 1:18
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