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Thread: UFC 90 picks, Vegas style

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    Time to get right back on the horse with another UFC event just days away. We're in a nice run with our highlighted picks going 9-0 back to UFC 88. The key is finding those spots with the best value. You don't have to play every fight on a card. Don't limit yourself to firing only on favorites. At UFC 89, the underdogs did very well going 4-5.

    Yahoo! Sports sits down with Dave Farra from Raw to break down some of the fights at the top of the card.

    A full slate of picks and the breakdown comes later in the day.

    Here are the odds for UFC 90 (Venetian Hotel Casino):

    Patrick Cote +450 Anderson Silva -700

    Josh Koscheck -115 Thiago Alves -115

    Tyson Griffin +130 Sean Sherk -160

    Rich Clementi +170 Gray Maynard -200

    Marcus Aurelio +200 Hermes Franca -250

    Pete Sell +150 Josh Burkman -180

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    I have a general understanding of how these odds work, but can someone explain to me how both fighters (Koscheck/Alves for example) could be at a minus amount? Why wouldn't a situation like that be even money for both guys instead of having to bet the extra $15 for both?

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    That's the juice that the book is making on the fight. Basically it's a pick em, but the house needs to make something on it.
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    Gotcha, thanks Adolf.

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    Default Re: UFC 90 picks, Vegas style

    i'm not a gambler and am stupid to boot? i still don't understand the numbers. if you put 100 dollars and a donkey on kos, what would the payout be? (he wins and they don't take the donkey)
    but then again, i may be retarded

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    The minus number is the amount of money you must bet to win $100 (profit). At -115, you get $215 payout on a $115 bet. Basically, you win $1 for every $1.15 you bet. So, in your scenario, I think the payout would be like $187, netting you about $87 profit if my calculations are correct. And you get to keep the donkey.

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    No problem Metsfan. Betting on the fighter with a minus (both in this case) means that you bet that amount, ($115) to win $100.
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