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Thread: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

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    Default UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    UFC 91: Couture vs Lesnar
    Event Type: Live Pay Per View
    Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Main Card Bouts:

    Randy Couture (C) vs. Brock Lesnar -UFC Heavyweight Championship
    Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks
    Joe Stevenson vs. Kenny Florian
    Demian Maia vs. Nathan Quarry
    Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory

    Preliminary Card Bouts:

    Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael dos Anjos
    Matt Riddle vs. Troy Mandaloniz
    Alvin Robinson vs. Mark Bocek
    Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone

    It's the biggest fight in mixed martial arts history! 3-time UFC? Heavyweight Champ Randy "The Natural" Couture returns to the Octagon? and puts his title on the line against the biggest opponent of his career, wrestling powerhouse Brock Lesnar. Can the legend prevail? Or will a new hero rise?

    UFC? 91: Couture vs. Lesnar - Saturday, November 15, live on Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    It's the biggest fight in mixed martial arts history!

    Until the next one ...

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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    That will be great if we get a bigger fight than this in the near future. Other than Fedor unifying belts, however, I don't see a fight of this magnitude out there. With that said, I see the fight this way.

    In arguably the most unlikely of match ups in recent memory, a dream match is born, as Brock Lesnar meets “The Natural” Randy Couture, for the UFC Heavyweight championship. While many MMA fans are grumbling over Lesnar receiving a title shot after only 3 MMA fights, and a 2-1 record, make no mistake, he has a legitimate shot at winning the coveted strap. Randy Couture returns from a self imposed exile and now that the hatchet has been buried with Dana White and the UFC, he will enter the cage for the first time in nearly 15 months. At 45 years of age and facing a man bigger, younger, stronger, faster and a wrecking machine on a mission, Couture will need to employ one of his legendary game plans and then execute to perfection, if he hopes to exit the cage with the gold in tact and a shot at the winner of the Mir/Noguiera showdown.

    Can Randy actually defy father time and the odds, yet again? In order to do so he will have to avoid the bludgeoning power of the former Minnesota Golden Gopher and NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, while finding a way to inflict damage unto the seemingly indestructible behemoth, who could rock the MMA world by capturing an unthinkable UFC belt during an infant MMA career. Is Lesnar actually the favorite? The betting lines are virtually even, but among MMA pros., he’s the overwhelming choice to win and win big. How is this even feasible?

    In breaking down this fight, we must look at what Randy is likely to do, VS. what Brock will do as a result. Standing is a huge risk for Randy, because although I wouldn’t be surprised to see him out strike Brock, Brock has shown tremendous power when he lands a punch. He dropped Frank Mir easily and had him in big trouble, in only his 2nd MMA fight. Against Heath Herring, who could forget the opening punch of the fight that sent Herring reeling and somersaulting backwards, in route to a one sided victory? Lesnar has gigantic meat hooks for hands and a head like a ball peen hammer. If he hits you, the fight is in position to end and end violently. Conclusion: Don’t stand with this man Randy.

    The clinch game has traditionally been Randy’s bread and butter, leading to controlling the opponent and to takedowns where effective ground and pound is inflicted. But can Randy tie up the big man and handle him for 25 minutes? Who will be more affected by the battle of attrition, inside the clinch and up against the cage? The challenger is likely to weigh 280 pounds, while in tip top shape and the champion probably no more than 225 or so, and aging… I can see Randy going perhaps a round, maybe 2, before he begins to wear down, if he chooses to battle Lesnar for the takedown. Unless Couture is able to secure quick takedowns and work effectively from the top, we could be seeing him stopped inside of 3 rounds and relinquishing his 5th UFC championship.

    If Couture is successful in controlling the fight, taking it to where he wants it and then maintaining position, can he wear Lesnar down sufficiently to end the contest? In the Herring fight, Lesnar showed virtually no signs of tiring. Granted he wasn’t pushed at all by an overwhelmed Texas Crazy Horse.

    And what about if Brock decides he wants to close the distance with a jab, followed by a 2 (that’s a straight right hand for you non boxing enthusiasts), will Couture be able to keep him off of him? Lets suppose Brock looks for the tie up and to rough up Couture against the cage? Can the more accomplished greco practitioner win that battle against the no slouch in his own right, bigger man? How about when Lesnar shoots that freight train double and smashes Randy up against the cage? Who’s going to win that exchange?

    The more I think of it, Couture doesn’t want to trade with Brock, he doesn’t really want to clinch with him, and he’s not likely to win the takedown battle if Brock decides to shoot on him. So how can Couture win? This is MMA, and there’s always the submission hold. In the past 11 years, Randy does own a submission win over Mike Van Arsdale, via anaconda choke. Hmmm, not very likely. Lets stop fooling ourselves here, Brock is going to demolish Couture… and Dana White and company are going to love it. The coup de grace will come inside of 3 rounds and Brock Lesnar will be your new heavyweight champion. There will be a new era in the UFC and a WWF star will sit atop the throne, reigning as champion. And I will love every minute of it. I could only be happier if Kimbo Sliced reigned as champion of WAMMA. LoL...
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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    Lesnar's inexperience does him in here. If he ends up on his back, how willhe handle this? Randy has thrown up submissions before, I remember a nearmiss armbar against a much more seasoned opponent, but I don't remember the opponent.Randy's inexperience gets him by the monster that is Lesnar...for now. In the very near future, Lesnar will be an nigh-unstoppable monster. Couple of years at most. For now though, we are destined for a Nog-Couture dream fight.
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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    Adolf - I was being sarcastic because every UFC event seems to the "biggest," "greatest," "most anticipated," etc., in history.

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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    Couture is gonna dirty box Lesnar like he did Gonzaga up against the cage, then finish him off on the ground.
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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    I know brother but this I really think is the biggest fight in UFC history. Perhaps Royce vs Hughes was the biggest I can think of previously, due to what it meant to MMA today vs MMA yesterady. Of course this mega fight pits a legend vs a WWF/NCAA superstar and it's for the UFC heavyweight strap.

    Personally I cannot wait for this match up. I was at Radny Coutures in Las Vegas earlier (Kim looks much better in person than on tv) but didn't see Randy. Word is he's getting ready for Brock. We'll see.
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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    Lesnar and his tag team partner, Father Time, will be too much for Randy.

    A 35 yr. old Couture wins for sure.
    A 40 yr. old Couture probably wins.
    A 45 yr. old Couture will be physically overpowered by Lesnar's freakish strength.

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    Default Re: UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MetsFan View Post
    Adolf - I was being sarcastic because every UFC event seems to the "biggest," "greatest," "most anticipated," etc., in history.
    LOL. They use it so often that it's almost meaningless. And this fight is too other than fan interest and the freak show element.

    Nog-Randy would better fit that description since Nog was the Pride champ for a while (although if it does happen, it probably will top this as the biggest in UFC history)
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