Do any of you remember the Schulz /Foreman fight ? i often wonder what might have become of Schulz had he not been screwed by the judges -i watched that fight again on classics and no way foreman won -Foreman could barely stand and walk to his corner after the fight -rather than give him a rematch Foreman was stripped of his title -Schulz later lost a split decision to Moorer .
When I was a kid I watches Stormin' norman goins beat the hell out of some olympic champ only to lose a unanamous decision-I knew then that boxing had to be rigged -the Holmes fight where he would have beaten Rocky's record win streak solidified my belief -Marvin johnson is an aquaintance of mine and he is so punch drunk he mumbles -I am still waiting for Cassius Clay to actually hit Sonny Liston -i believe that is why MMA has taken off so rapidly -people want to see good fights-not rigged fights .
As Marlon Brando so aptly put it -I coulda been a contender .