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Thread: UFC responds to Tito (Sports Illustrated)

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    Default UFC responds to Tito (Sports Illustrated)

    In a statement released to on Tuesday night, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz openly discussed his ongoing bout with back problems and his decision to have surgery to repair his back.


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    Default Re: UFC responds to Tito (Sports Illustrated)

    I'm sure this is Dana's fault...
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    I commented on the other blog about this and I posted over there how silly it is for Ortiz to expect the UFC to pay for his hospital bills. That's what insurance is for and where he gets off holding the UFC responsible for AIG not covering his claim is beyond me. Ortiz always seems to have some gripe, only there's no basis for it. I agreewith Zapp, some will find fault with Dana White in all of this.
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