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    Default Petruzelli Received Death Threats

    PRO MMA: How did you celebrate your big win? Did you go out?

    Seth: Yeah I went out that night, I was a little scared to go out, but I reluctantly went out because everyone wanted me to go out. I had a couple of death threats and people saying some stuff, so I was kind of scared to go out a little bit but I went low key so it pretty fun then I had an after party here which was really fun. I got a little too drunk. I didn?t even have that much to drink but after cutting weight and not having much food I was drunk after just a couple of drinks.

    PRO MMA: You said you had some death threats, but was it the locals because I know you are from Florida too?

    Seth: Yeah, I?m from Florida but not from south Florida. It was mainly the Kimbo fans down there that was doing it.

    PRO MMA: Having to worry about some gangsters doing some shady stuff to you when you?re trying to celebrate your win, man that?s no fun.

    Seth: Yeah it kind of sucks and kind of takes the fun out of it. The first thing I said to the athletic commissioner when he came in the ring and told me to calm down was, ?You gotta get me outta here, you gotta get me outta here. I?m scared.? I was just waiting for something to get thrown in the ring.

    Sam Caplan: Can you talk about the aftermath? That was a pretty crazy scene around the cage with Kimbo?s crew. At any point were you concerned for your safety?

    Seth Petruzelli: Oh yeah, 100 percent. Afterwards, and I didn?t know it at the time, buy my wife had got threatened a few times. My corner had got threatened a few times. I had stuff thrown at me from the crowd. As soon as I had got done circling and screaming, the athletic commission told me I had to calm down because the crowd was getting crazy. So I calmed down and said listen, ?You?ve got to get me out of here.? And I kind of started to get worried about my well-being at that point (laughs).

    Sam Caplan: Did the threats against your wife and your corner come from Kimbo?s fans or his corner?

    Seth Petruzelli: It was some of his posse that was around the cage. Not all of them were like that but there were a few that were talking some crap that I wasn?t very happy about.

    Sam Caplan: (Laughs) Do you have any idea what they possibly could have been mad at you about aside from doing your job?

    Seth Petruzelli: I have no idea. I heard this one kid, he kept saying ?You cheated! You cheated! You cheated!? (Laughs) And I?m like, how the hell did I cheat!? I mean, what are you talking about!?

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    Default Re: Petruzelli Received Death Threats

    I am reluctant to believe too much of what Seth says. He is very much a joker. And to be frank, he is wierd. I don't know. I am sure somebody threatened him. But i doubt it was that bad. He has a way of exaggerating and putting his foot in his mouth.

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