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Discuss Shamrock vs Shamrock ? at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Was the Frank Shamrock dis of "adopted" brother Ken a WWE style setup for a ...
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    Default Shamrock vs Shamrock ?

    Was the Frank Shamrock dis of "adopted" brother Ken a WWE style setup for a future brother vs brother gimmick?

    Frank said Ken damaged the Shamrock legacy by injuring himself in warm ups.

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    Default Re: Shamrock vs Shamrock ?

    saw it, couldn't belive he would step that low. Eff his brother, he would dare damage the family name like he did.
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    Default Re: Shamrock vs Shamrock ?

    Lol @ damaging the family legacy by getting injured. As if the series of knock out defeats in recent fights hasn't done that already..

    And this isn't new, Frank has been talk ing smack about Ken for some time now. The match up could be good for some laughs and added damage to the sacred family legacy.
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