Let me start off first of all by saying this: Wow!! I have never seen anyone take the fight like that to Silva ever before. I have never seen anyone beat up Silva that much before ever!!
Chael Sonnen was all pretty much true to his words when he said he was the best and that he would beat Anderson Silva. For 4 1/2 rounds Chael just completely kicked Silva's ass. He took him down at will and completely controlled him. Chael was even out striking Silva in the beginning of each round. But with just 2 minutes left in the fight and Chael destined win with unanimous decision, he lets his damn guard down for just once and Silva slips in the leg triangle and wins the fight. You can argue that Sonnen did't fully tap, but you know he didn't want to. He knew he screwed up badly.
If Chael just kept on working for just 2 minutes he would've been the new middleweight champion, but he didn't. Overall, I thought this was a great amazing fight. This fight turned out to be completely different from what I expected it to be. Chael deserved to win the fight and he should have won it, but he made one little stupid mistake and lost. I just hope Dana White arranges a re-match, which I know he will, because we have never seen anyone dominate Silva like that before and there probably isn't anyone else except for Chael Sonnen. That was just defintely one of the greatest fights I have ever seen and there could've and should've been a new UFC middleweight champion!
Anderson Silva should defintely be worried, because Chael Sonnen is defintely the answer to defeating Anderson Silva and he is going to come back even harder and beat Silva!!