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Thread: Lesnar Submits Carwin

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    Default Lesnar Submits Carwin

    Wow. That was unreal. I had to drive a half an hour to get to a place that was showing it and it was definitely worth it.

    A couple thoughts as my mind is still kind of racing:

    1) I can't believe Lesnar came back from the absolute mauling he took in the first period.

    2) I loved Lesnar's speech at the end. So different than a year ago.

    3) If Carwin had any cardio at all he would have won that fight. I mean, the guy was basically gassed 3 minutes in. There were a number of times where it looked like Brock was open for a shot and one hard shot would have finished him but Carwin couldn't pull the strength. It's hard to believe that a D2 NCAA champ got submitted in a head and arm.

    4) So strange to see Lesnar get Lesnared. Did he even land a punch? It took a ton of heart to come back from that, but he looks vulnerable in a way that he never did before. Now, there's probably not anyone else out there that can do that to him, but you have to think it will give Velasquez some confidence.

    5) Sort of makes me re-evaluate what it means to "win a fight." In terms of the championship, obviously Lesnar won. But in terms of damage, like I said, I don't think he landed a punch. Right now, an hour and a half after the fight, Carwin is probably feeling absolutely fine. Lesnar will probably be hurting for a month.

    6) I wonder when the rematch will be and how each of them will adapt. I'd think that Lesnar will be trying to get a takedown as soon as possible, but I'm fairly new to MMA. I'd love to hear what other people think.
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