Since everyone's on the Fedor bandwaggon, like Burt Sugar says on ESPN Classic's "(Boxing) Ringside" "I have to find the nearest casino so I can bet against him" because you know Fedor's ready to get upset.

You can tell that Fedor's mind is not in this fight, other than the usual puppy dog look of ignorant bliss his face usually gives when pictured outside of an MMA ring, he also has clergy-men, Russian politicians, his wife and his handlers, all dancing around him while simultaneously dodging questions about UFC's heavyweights.
This new Fedor "look" is beginning to consume him.
He is distracted and influenced by numerous items outside of the MMA ring, and he's bringing that circus along with him into the ring.
There is no room in a fighters mind for distraction while competing against the best in the world, and Fedor is inviting all forms of distraction into his mind.
For these reasons I must pick Werdum to get the upset of the century in their bout this weekend.

The fallout will occur as follows:

Fedor's stock will plummet and Finkelstein (his handler) will have to cater to whatever offers are on the table (including UFC) because Werdum will then be the hot commodity—not Fedor.

That means no more BS posturing, no more meaningless leaverage in his contractual negotiations, Strikeforce and UFC will not have to beg for his services because he will no longer be unique, he will become just another fighter.

Then Fedor will finally have to prove his skills to the world against the finest heavyweight competitors in the world. And this may be the best thing that could have happened to him because it will make him hungry again and eager to prove himself.

Unfortunately for Werdum, the tremendous push that he receives from the win over Fedor will be completely wasted as he gets knocked out in the first round by Overeem.

Overeem then will go to the UFC thinking he will dominate, (since there are no more heavyweights to face in the Strikeforce heavyweight division) but instead he will make it to the UFC only to get owned by any given heavyweight in the UFC's heavyweight division.

It's a contradictory prophecy to what many think will happen this weekend, but one that could happen, just think of the possibilities.