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Thread: 11 UFC Fighters Who Might Melt Away in the Summer Heat

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    A few years ago, a fighter could be given a pass despite losing, as long as he put on entertaining and competitive performances. For the most part, in the UFC those days are a distant memory.Nowadays, a fighter is either in the title hunt, or he is on his way to opponent status in the small show.With the skill level in MMA on a constant rise, it's harder to avoid a loss on the big stage. Considering the pressure put on by the UFC to either win or walk, it's nearly impossible to get comfortable in the high ranks of the sport.This summer will hold a handful of matches that could make or break a fighter's UFC career. While there are examples of fighters surviving in the UFC despite a losing record (see Chris Lytle), it is a rare occurrence that nobody can count on.Here is a list of 11 fighters that will be in a world of hurt if they can't get a win in their next fight. Some of them are fighting each other, so surely you will not see all of these faces remaining in the biggest MMA promotion in the world.Begin Slideshow

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    I disagree. Guys like Guida, Lytle, & W Silva are why people love mma. They come out swinging, they fight hard, and leave everything in the cage. You can say what you want about Dana White, but he rewards and respects tough guys who fight hard and give the fans a show.
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