Between the phantom eye poke and the post-fight punch, the pre-fight words between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley proved to be real. Frustration stemmed from Paul Daley as he threw a punch at Josh Koscheck after time had run out, which was completely uncalled for and unacceptable.

However, the past is the past and Josh Koscheck will now move on to face Georges St. Pierre for the Welterweight Championship after they are featured as the two coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter 12.” This is the first title shot for Josh Koscheck and his second against the St. Pierre.

For Paul Daley, his future is unknown. There is sure to be a penalty given for his antics after the bell. Daley was extremely upset that he was not able to dictate his gameplan and this incident may have cost himself a chance at a successful career in the UFC, similar to Rentao “Babalu” Sebral.

This is the second straight time that a big time mixed martial arts event had a post-fight confrontation between fights and or camps. There is nothing good to take away from these types of altercations. It looks terrible for the sport and as ESPN is covering the fight for the very first time, on “MMA Live,” this will only make others look down upon such a great and up-and-coming sport.

With that said, Koscheck did control the fight and George St. Pierre will have to face him once again, this time for his championship. St. Pierre has shown great wrestling abilities since his very first fight against Koscheck, but if Josh is able to wrestle as he did tonight, it will be a great battle between the world’s two top welterweights.