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Thread: Upcoming International Events : Grappling No-Gi, Gi and Combat

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    Default Upcoming International Events : Grappling No-Gi, Gi and Combat

    The FILA calendar will be very busy until mid-June with 4 major international events. Information and entry forms can be found in the calendar section of the website.

    The first tournament in line is the Ukrainian Golden Cup that will take place in Kharkov on 20-21 April 2010. Despite the current troubles in European aviation, 600 participants from 12 countries are about to start in the first international tournament ever organized in grappling, pankration, and combat grappling together. FILA already congratulates the Ukraine Pankration Federation for taking up such a great challenge. The competition will be open to novice (12-13 years old), schoolboys (14-15 years old), cadets (16-17 years old) and juniors/seniors (18 and older). The results will be posted as soon as available, as well as a report on the competition.

    The second event on the schedule is the Hungarian Team Open that will be held in Budapest on 08 May 2010. Further to the success of last year's open, the Hungarian Grappling Committee and the Bushido Kempo Karate Martial Arts Association decided to invite all countries affilated to FILA to a No-Gi team tournament organized in the following weight categories: 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 90kg, and 110kg. The event will also feature an individual competition in Gi and No-Gi for cadets and juniors and in No-Gi for senior women.

    The third event will be the Mediterranean Grappling Games organized by the Hellenic Grappling Committee in Kamena Vourla on 29-30 May 2010. The tournament will showcase competitions in Gi & No-Gi grappling, but also in Combat Grappling for the first time in Southern Europe. It will be a fantastic opportunity for all athletes and referees who want to make their debut in the discipline and prepare for the European Championship of September. The tournament will also be the occasion for a nice time in Greece in the 5* Resort Hotel booked by the organizer and with the excursion planned to the statue of Leonidas. The FILA Instructor appointed to the tournament, Mr. Christophe Levy from France, will also give a seminar prior to the event to all participating athletes and referees.

    Finally, the fourth event planned before the summer is the second Austrian Open that will be held in Dornbirn on 19-20 June 2010. The first edition was a great success and we can expect this year's tournament to attract many participants with a competition open to kids and senior grapplers.

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    thanks for posting this link

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