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    Default Thoughts of Strikeforce Nashville

    Forget the nuthugger opinions from writers whom have developed conflicting interests. I want to share my opinion.

    I thought this card was going to be great for mma enthusiasts, but bad for casual viewers. I was right on. I was surprised by the backwardness in the telecast. They did not do any of the fight metrics or any education in the game. They did not show much of the entrances to the cage. Especially Mo's. This is a first for CBS. They always did a great job of hyping before each fight. I call this a knock on their productions. It did not take full advantage of what they had.
    Another knock is picking these fights for CBS. EliteXC knew enough to make sure they had matchups that were sure to be fireworks. I think every CBS card should require a Lawler, Villasenor, Radach, or Smith fight. heck, Joey V is due a fight. Whats the hold up? But 3 matchups that were sure to be chess matches? This is fine for a showtime card, but cmon! Personally I loved all three matchups as many of you did. But it takes us to my next issue. The fans.
    I am embarrassed to say, but our country is full of dumbshit, trash, who pay to see trainwrecks. They have little respect of the arts involved. Mo Lawal has stated in a fightwords interview that he appreciates fans in Japan because they understand the arts, and are silent out of respect. The fans booing all 3 fights were embarrassing. Mo Lawal was on top of Mousasi trying to land blows from the top and they are booing? I really felt bad. Same for Melendez and Aoki. Aoki is going home saying, wow, this sport is not appreciated in the US.

    The reffing of the Aoki vs Melendez fight left much to be desired. I felt like they did almost everything to assure Aoki can not win. I say almost because there was that one bad stop, when Melendez was looking for a gnp finish. Yamasaki did not let Aoki do his famous guard scoot where he would chase his oponent while scooting from his butt. Thats what he does. The moment he would scoot toward Melendez, Yamasaki stops it. Yet if they lay on their back like a cockaroach, he gives them at least 10 seconds. Its bad. I really felt like Aoki had lots to complain about. I still thought Melendez was going to win regardless, but to take away one of Aoki's techniques was not in fairness imo. They were also overly quick to stand up fighters, as with the Mo fight 1st round. He was throwing punches. I really feel that everytime they air this on CBS, the reffing seems to be coached to give the fight a greater appeal to a broader audience. I'd rather no more CBS cards.

    Strikeforce needs to wipe out their commentators. I seriously found myself missing Rogan. Every team needs at least a technical guy. Sorry but Shamrock is not as technical as Rogan. And Gus Johnson and Renallo just say things to hear themselves. I watched Mo pass guard at least 5x. Yet they kept saying how Mo can't pass Gegards guard. Huh? I saw Shields in position of of about 4 arm triangles. He was close to locking them in and then hopping his feet over for the finish. Yet I never heard a thing about what he was doing. Rogan would have been all over that. Hell Militich would have as well. The arm bar from the mount was also being set up for much of the fight, as Shields was looking to slide his knee to Dan's shoulder. Nothing from the announcers. They sucked. I used to think renallo was a pro, until I heard his dumb comments about Miller while not saying boo about the thug tactics of team Cesar Gracie. He also threw mma under the bus with his statement of "this is typical of mma fighters" during the scuffle. Get rid of these guys and replace them with Militich, Bas Rutten, and other colorful commentators. I don't mind stephen Quatros. He at least says sensible things and knows techniques. I can't believe Shamrock does not show his knowledge any more than he does. His slantedness also shows.

    The whole melee is getting lots of bad press. I think most of it is from UFC nuthuggers. Sorry, but that scuffle is no different than what I have seen in televised NBA, College hoops, NFL, Nascar (Jeff Gordon incident), boxing, etc... Suddenly a higher moral ground for fighters arrives after none other than a "fight'. This will be good for the sport so long as they cash in on the drama. The whole Diaz vs Noons interest was off the charts after the whole scuffle. Nothing came of it, so it was for nothing. Can somebody tell me what is so different interrupting a fighter to ask "When is my rematch buddy". Its not like he called him out by saying "don't be scared homey". Many fighters have done this. BJ Penn called out GSP, Lesnar called out Carwin (at request of UFC brass), GSP calls out Hughes and says he was not impressed, etc... I realize Miller was being more of a clown when he did it. Nick Diaz is still heated by the interview Miller gave him where he made faces at Diaz while he wasn't looking. So maybe he should have expected it. However, I think its a good thing if they cash in on it. Forget about giving Lawler a rematch against Miller. Put Lawler in against Kennerdy of Villasenor. We want Diaz vs Miller at a catch weight.

    Otherwise, it was great to see the talent. I think Shields has really impressed doubters last night, but will still doubt him. Shields can't win. However, many people feel Shields is heading to UFC, or has put himself in position to bargain big time. i think strikeforce is in good position. They lost big time when Henderson was beaten. Same with Mousasi. They were franchise fighters while Shields has been a stepchild. however, If Shields plays the game with Strikeforce, he will be forced to defend the title one more time, and probably against a tough fighter in Jacare. It would be a fight Shields would need his greatest performance yet. If he loses that fight, he could get dropped right there and thus losing the leverage with the UFC. Anyhow, i want to see that fight. The new Shields with superdrol titties looked strong enough to compete with any middleweight. I do think Henderson appeared to be weaker last night than usual. but he has plenty of time to prepare himself for this so no excuses. I think he overlooked Jake. Jake is the real deal.
    Mo is the one who has very few options in Strikeforce. Strikeforce needs to put their emphasis on this guy. He should be going to UFC since Mousasi put his foot in his mouth. I can't believe he signed a 2 year extension. I am a huge fan of Strikeforce, one of the biggest, however, the 205 pound class is their weakest. Strikeforce has a better talent pool at middleweight as far as depth goes imo though. I for one, want to see Mo vs Rampage. We will have to see what happens with Rampage vs Rashad first.
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