STRIKEFORCE mixed martial artist Miesha Tate is not shy to admit her true feelings about Zoila ?The Warrior Princess? Frausto.

?I think she?s pretty green,? Tate said while taking a brief break from training in Olympia, Washington. ?She comes across as kind of cocky and arrogant. It?s definitely safe to say I am not her biggest fan. I
think I out-skill her in every area.?

So with that kind of bad blood, it?s easy to see why, when the two step
into the cage at the STRIKEFORCE Challengers event at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California on Friday March 26, Tate believes it could be a candidate for fight of the year.

?I just hope she is as ready as I am,? Tate said. ?I am not coming there to play games. I am coming there to win the fight. I hope she is prepared to fight. I hope the fans are prepared for a good fight. I am
excited to get out there and get it done.?

Tate, who fights in STRIKEFORCE?s 135-pound welterweight division, holds
an 8-2 record in mixed martial arts (MMA). One of her two defeats was at the hands of unbeaten Sarah Kaufman, who was crowned the first STRIKEFORCE women?s welterweight champion in history after coasting her way to a unanimous decision over Japan?s Takayo Hashi in the live, SHOWTIME? televised main event of the last Challengers event on February 26.

At a time when women?s MMA has been thrust into the national spotlight, largely because of the success of Kaufman as well as STRIKEFORCE superstars Cris ?Cyborg? and Gina Carano, Tate has also emerged a leading figure in women?s MMA and is comfortable being in the spotlight.

On Saturday morning, Tate appeared on MTV2, dishing out a beating to ?Rock N Jock? music countdown show host Jonathan ?Dirty? Miller.

In high school, she wrestled on the boy?s team ? and often won. She recalls that she used to make some boys cry; others quit altogether after they lost to her.

?Losing to me was a hard knock on their pride,? she said. But it wasn?t always that way.

?I entered the wrestling team with my best friend,? Tate said. ?We were both like fish out of water, but we just had to do it.?

The first few times she wrestled guys, it wasn?t a pretty sight.

?They were just manhandling me,? Tate said. ?Not hurting me, but making me look stupid. I just said to myself ?Now I have to prove myself.? I just worked harder.?

Tate recalls that her record was about 50-50 against the guys. She went undefeated against female opponents and went on to become the Girls? Washington State wrestling champion.

Her wrestling background, she said, will be one of her many advantages over Frausto.

?I think she?s really tough, but I don?t think she is very well-rounded,? Tate said of Frausto, who has been gearing up for the bout in San Jose, California with Team AKA, one of the most talent-filled fight squads in the world. ?She has a good standup game. Other than that, I don?t think she is very threatening.?

Since her narrow decision loss to Kaufman last year, Tate said she has improved, and will show it in the cage.

?If you can?t learn from your losses, you can?t be a true winner,? Tate said. ?After I fought her I went back to the drawing board. I picked out my weaknesses and I worked day-in and day-out to improve upon
those. I think I have come a long way since I fought Sarah Kaufman.?

Frausto is undefeated in five professional fights. Whatever the outcome is on March 26, Tate is looking to make San Jose her home. She said she wants to be in California?s Bay Area because it?s such a
hotbed for MMA fights and training.

?I am looking very closely at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), but I am open to other options because I haven?t checked out every gym up there,? Tate said.

Right now, however, there?s only one thing on her mind ? Frausto.

?I just plan on beating her,? Tate said. ?It is just going to be instinct once I get out there.?