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Thread: Liddell vs. Franklin UFC 115

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    Default Liddell vs. Franklin UFC 115

    This has been an interesting story. A number of sources have reported that this fight will take place. They also reported that ortiz left tuf during the shows filming.

    Dana white posted on his twitter account that the reports were untrue.

    Several of the mma sites are still standing by their story stating that they reconfirmed with their sources that franklin will be fighting liddell.

    I personally think white is just denying it so that it will be a surpise to the average viewer when the show airs.

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    I like the match up. I think it will be an exciting fight.
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    Default Re: Liddell vs. Franklin UFC 115

    REal good fight hard to call though since both fighters are no longer at there prime
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    I thought I read that Franklin was fighting Couture. Is that cancelled now?

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