Guys, Schlottke has really stepped up in an effort to accommodate us and give us a place that we can call our own where we don't have to worry about censorship. No unwanted mods stepping in and telling us what words we can or can't write, no flexing up by the higher ups in a futile attempt to intimidate, just us getting along as we have for a couple of years now and not having to worry about checking our PC manuals in order to not offend anyone.

The regulars please chime in, you know who you are. Those non regulars who want to be a part of our group, chime in too and let us know. We are a diverse group, virtually covering the entire spectrum of back grounds and economic standing. We have starving college students, we have average/middle class, we have upper middle class with great perks from cushy jobs and of course we have me who leads the way of financial and personal success. I'm told we have at least one gay person and numerous racists. of course those allegations are simply unfounded and the source should be considered.

So what's our new name going to be?