I've heard some issues with the use/non-use of various words that could be construed as racially insensitive.

Now, I *know* none of you guys are ever rude to each other , but we do have a considerable amount of visitors that may find this language offensive- which even if you want to argue, you have to consider it is within reason to assume such a thing.

That said- We *are* willing to set you guys up with your own private, password protected MMA Sub-Forum that allows users a more liberal use of the American English vocabulary.

Think Forum Title: "Pick a Name" MMA Underground

This would allow you to discuss some more flavorful topics without prying eyes like your private group *should allow" but cannot yet, more visitor views so you can bring new posters into your underground through democratic process, and allow you to be you. (Which, quite honestly, Im afraid of, but you've been a great group with a lot of insight and humor and we want to make every effort to make you're visit here enjoyably.

Just let me know what you all think through either this thread or via PM and we will get something rolling if it's something you guys decide you want.