I had a feeling this would be his next move. The Kampmann fight was a wake up call. Volkmann looked like a lightweight against him. I am happy the UFC stayed by him considering he took 2 difficult fight on very short notice. I mean, there is no better argument for a fighter getting thrown to the wolves.

What does this mean? Well this could mean a lot of things. Big implications imo. Volkmann now challenges Gray Maynard as the best lightweight wrestler in mma right now. He has a good jiu jitsu game and good submissions as evidence from his Thiago fight and his 2008 World grappling title. His standup is actually pretty formidable, though you quickly forget it it during his fight against the longer Kampmann. I do not believe he is suddenly a BJ Penn threat. However, there are a ton of top lightweights that would matchup poorly against Jacob. Especially with Jacob being a big 155 pounder.
Ronys Torres is his next fight. I think Jacob wins a hard fought battle. Torres is very good. From there there is little reason to bother giving him unknown oponents. Especially given the fact that he did very well against 2 of the top welterweights considering the deck being stack against him.