In an interview conducted with Mark Madden on WXDX radio, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir told the host that he wanted to break Brock Lesnar's neck if the two meet again inside the octagon.

Mir also went on to say that he wanted to make Lesnar the first person to die due to octagon-related injuries. Mir has made it well known that he has no love for Lesnar.

The two have spent considerable time and energy waging a war of words that started after Mir defeated Lesnar in his UFC debut at UFC 81. The two met again at UFC 100 last July and Lesnar dominated Mir causing referee Herb Dean to step in and stop the fight early in the second round.

Lesnar immediately got in Mir's face and pointed a finger in the face of his fallen foe.

The two could meet again early this summer as Lesnar is training for a return to the octagon after a lengthy illness. Mir is scheduled to battle Shane Carwin at UFC 111 on March 27 for the interim UFC heavyweight championship.

The plan, as of now, is to have the winner face Lesnar at UFC 116 on July 3, unless they are injured or not ready to compete, at which time the winner of the Cain Velasquez-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira bout would step in and face Lesnar instead.

The problem here is Mir is criticizing Lesnar for being disrespectful to him and the sport of mixed martial arts, but in reality he is no better nor is he any more respectful. In fact, he is doing more harm to the sport by threatening to kill someone than Lesnar could ever hope to do.

No matter how deep the hatred for another man goes, there is no room for making statements so outlandish. When two men meet inside the octagon they are entrusting one another with their lives.

The UFC claims to be the ultimate proving ground between fighters of different disciplines. What do you do when one man shows that he can't control his emotions and proves that he can't be trusted?

Can the UFC grant Mir another shot at Lesnar knowing that his sole intention is to maim him, rather than defeat him? For all of the controversy that Lesnar has created, he has never said that he wanted to intentionally hurt someone, threaten their career or their lives.

He pummeled Mir during their rematch, he controlled him and could have added some more punishment if he wanted to, but he didn't. When the referee halted the bout Lesnar let up and walked away without inflicting any more damage.

Can we be assured that Mir will do the same?