Another violation of manlaw has been committed by a member of this Board and is as follows:

On this date, MMA Board Mod PJersey, aka, Pjers, aka, Peter Denver aka PDenver aka, the Kid has admitted to ownership of a chick flick known as "The Notebook" and has also alleged that he dated the star of said chick flick, one Rachel McAdams. no evidence has been brought forward as to the second allegation made by the Kid.

said ownership of "the Notebook" consitutes a violation of manlaw and the Defendant must be dealt with quickly and harshly.

"A man may attend a chick flick provided the following criteria are met: (1) he is accompanied by an attractive woman, (2) he gets at least a little action for his efforts, (3) he maintains an action movie to chick flick ratio greater than one, and (4) NO man shall endure The Notebook."

I now open the floor for debate.