Did something like this last winter on the College and International sections on the old board (and in all likelihood will do it again) interested to see what people have to say in reference to some MMA topics. If you've got a topic you'd like to add, by all means do so.

1. 3 Favorite Fighters: Cro Cop, Nick Diaz, BJ
2. Best Heavyweight: Fedor
3. Best Light heavyweight: Shogun
4. Best Middleweight: Anderson Silva
5. Best Welterweight: Hughes
6. Best Lightweight: BJ
7. UFC, Pride, or both: Both
8. Best Event: Pride Final Conflict 2003
9. Best Rivalry: Wanderlei v. Rampage
10. Top 3 Pound for Pound: 1. Fedor 2. BJ 3. Dan Henderson
11. 3 Favorite Fights: Diaz v. Gomi, Hughes v. Trigg II, Cro Cop v. Wanderlei II