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Thread: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

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    Star Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    This Saturday, Strikeforce holds another interesting fight card. This show has a little bit of everything: a couple borderline freak show fights,*some*exciting matchups, and a women's MMA title fight makes this card worth talking about.

    Jay Hieron vs. Joe*Riggs **

    I'm starting with this one because I think it's a quality enough bout to get on the main card, and I have no clue who the other fighters are on the undercard.

    Both of these guys have great potential but*haven't been able to keep consistent momentum in the cage.*Riggs lately has racked up some wins with Strikeforce against let's say adequate competition like*Luke*Stewart and Phil*Baroni.*Hieron has done the same against I'd say better competition like Delson Heleno,*Jason*High, and Jesse Taylor.

    Riggs*has always been a fighter*with potential, but it still doesn't sway the fact*that against top competition at 170*he's looked like*dog shit, whether it was missing weight against*Hughes, coming in*dehydrated as a motherfucker against Nick Diaz, or getting floored by Diego is less than*2 minutes.*It's a shame because when Riggs is on his game he shows the true definition of ground and pound, but he's always been*plagued due to injuries, weight cut, and*sometimes overconfidence.

    Hieron on the same side isn't much better when it comes*to inconsistency.*Everytime he gets some momentum going he gets stopped cold in his tracks. First it*was GSP, then after some wins*he was cut by*Jonathan Goulet in a bout he was winning, got screwed out of a decision against Chris Wilson, and then got*clocked on the side of the head by*Brad Blackburn.*

    In this fight I'm gonna*go with Hieron: He's*looked*better in his fights, and*in my opinion he has the better stand up and takedown defense to thwart*Riggs' takedowns.

    Prediction: Hieron via Unanimous Decision

    Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims

    Now we go to a fight between a former pro wrestler and a*man who might as well be a pro wrestler.

    Lashley vs. Sims is not*on this card to benefit anybody but Bobby Lashley. Seeing how this is Lashley's fourth proposed opponent, let's just say Strikeforce hit the proverbial home run with Sims. Sims has*a weak*stand up game, he won't test Lashley's chin, he has no wrestling to speak of, he won't defend Lashley's takedowns, and his ground game*kind of sucks. Lashley can lay and pound*on him all day.

    While I agree Strikeforce should be careful with*Lashley, for*fucks sake four proposed*opponents?*The man*has a good wrestling*pedigree, and*he has*already fought four lousy*fighters, so I don't see why they couldn't give a step up in competition. Instead they've decided to Kimbo Slice him Elite XC style.

    Prediction: Lashley via TKO*1st Round

    Herschel Walker vs. Greg Nagy

    Okay,*now we're in the*deep end*of the Strikeforce desperation to get noticed: Herschel Walker is on the main card.

    Isn't it bad we don't even have to say*Herschel Walker, the 47-year-old*former NFL*football player who wants to fight in MMA is on the main card above UFC veterans and Strikeforce 170lb*title contending fighters*Jay Hieron and Joe Riggs, for people to know what were*angry about? Walker will be fighting Greg Nagy, which is about as generic a name that I can think of.*

    While I*hate that Walker is*fighting for the*supposed second MMA promotion in the world*with*no fights, I will always pick*up the dried up piece of clay that was something than the fresh piece of turd that will always be a piece of shit and nothing else. Walker wins by athleticism.

    Prediction: Walker by Unanimous decision

    Robbie Lawler vs. Melvin Manhoef

    Now that we've left the dark pit that includes Herschel Walker and Bobby Lashley, we finally have a fight we can get excited about.*

    With these two we have a combined 36 knockout wins, so let's expect some fireworks in this bout. Manhoef has fought some good competition like Kazao Misaki and Gegard in addition to becoming the first man in MMA*to KO*heavyweight*Mark Hunt. Lawler racked up some wins over top names in Elite XC on his way to their*middleweight title*but lost his Strikeforce debut against Jake Shields via submission.

    While Manhoef undoubtedly has the power and speed advantage, I'd give the technique to Lawler. Manhoef is really*good kickboxer, but*he gets sloppy and gasses*sometimes.*Plus,*Lawler has been in there with tough stand up guys like Scott Smith and Ninja Rua. I see*Lawler doing what he did in those fights, and that's*weathering the storm, taking his time, and*then getting the TKO in one of*the later rounds.

    Prediction: Lawler by TKO 2nd Round

    Cristiane Cyborg vs. Marloes Coenen for the Women's 145lb Title

    Fresh off her TKO win*over Gina Carano, Cyborg takes on Dutch submission specialist Marloes Ceonen, who's coming off a submission win over Roxi Modaferri.*

    The Muay Thai specialist Cyborg*has been on fire since TKOing Shayna Baszler in her U.S. debut, and all by two of her eight wins are by TKO. Coenen is very talented in submissions*with 12 of her 17 coming via submission.

    While some*people will*see this as a stand up fighter vs. grappler match and think automatically the grappler will*win, that is not the case here in*the women's*division, where strength isn't really valued much. Strength is Cyborg's advantage in most fights: She's almost a man among*boys when she fights (I don't mean that because of her looks). She displays an aggression that has yet to be matched by her opponents, and I don't think Coenen will be able to withstand it.

    Prediction: Cyborg via TKO in the 1st Round

    Nick Diaz vs. Marius Zaromski for the 170lb Title

    Now we have the main event which no one is talking about. Nick Diaz, the cocky Cesar Gracie black belt, vs. Marius "The Whitemare" Zaromski*from London's Shootfighters Gym.

    Zaromski has jumped into the hardcore MMA fan's*spotlight since his one night*destruction of Mach*Sakurai and Jason High*in*the Dream 170lb tournament. Diaz has always been a top fighter, but*cuts, cockiness, and cannabus have stalled his MMA greatness.

    While I agree Zaromski's power is something that Nick Diaz wishes he had when he throws his powder puff strikes, I have yet to see his ground game tested by somebody. Diaz has*only been TKO'd once by strikes in his career, and it was when he was 19, so I don't think Zaromski will be able to stop him. Diaz is also a very tall welterweight, so I think he'll be able to keep Zaromski at bay with his reach advantage.

    Diaz will test the waters early, and I'm sure Zaromski will get his shots in, but don't expect Nick to*stay standing and take it. Diaz will land his shots as well, but when it's right he'll get the takedown and finish it.

    Prediction: Diaz by submission second round

    Feel free to leave whatever comments you like; if you thought I sucked, I would like to get better, so don't pull any punches.



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    Default Re: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    This was an excellent analysis. I know I have been very vocal about MMA reporter, but this is a great breakdown. I have to give credit where credit is due. These are the types of articles that spawn debate. No fluff or silly rumors just a nice card description. That said, I disagree w/ the Diaz prediction. I think that Zaromski will force Diaz into a brawl and will stop him as he did to Sakurai in rd 2.
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    Default Re: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    I'd be surprised if Lawlor won. Good card, I love watching Strikeforce, I think they do an even better job than the UFC of making the production vibrant and clear (I think Affliction did a terrible job there)
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    Default Re: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    Lawlor is going to get smoked if this fight stays standing.

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    Default Re: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    i heard one of the tap out guys say herschel has some type of karate or tae kwon do background. the words black belt were brought up. any truth to this or is it hype to add legitimcy?

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    Default Re: Strikeforce on Jan. 30: Preview and Predictions

    yea he is like a 6th degree black belt in tae kwon do.

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