Dana White announced yesterday that he would hold a press conference that will include discussion of Brock Lesnar?s health status.

Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com interviewed the UFC president and asked if there were any updates on the heavyweight champion and White answered, ?Actually?uh, yeah?I will have something for you guys by Tuesday or Wednesday?I?m probably going to hold a press conference in Las Vegas.?

White also confirmed that Lesnar will be in attendance at the presser, but would not go into detail on if they have good news or bad news.

For all the news fans have been hearing on Lesnar since his publicized illness, little information has been given beyond the fact that he is ill and his career is in jeopardy.

With an official press conference set to take place next week, UFC fans and media may finally get some real insight about what to expect from the 265-pound juggernaut.

Will this reveal good or bad news for Lesnar? Will he be forced to retire? Can the public expect a date for his return?

Speculation has circulated that Lesnar has been sparring and looks to return in Spring, but nothing can be confirmed.

The hope is that Lesnar will make his return and defend his belt as normal.

A match with fan favorite Shane Carwin was in the works, but Carwin is now scheduled to take fight Frank Mir at UFC 111 in March. Pending a return, Lesnar would likely take on the winner of that match.

Lately, too much hoopla has been thrown around the rumor mill and ?not news? is the only news we have read or heard about since the champion went down. Headlines like ?Mums the Word? are all relative to the Brock Lesnar saga, but by the middle of next week we all may receive something different.

UFC faithful now sit and contemplate if next week?s press conference will be a ray of hope or just more hype.