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Thread: Nate Diaz considering move to 170

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    Default Nate Diaz considering move to 170

    He is a mediocre fighter at 155, he will get his butt whooped at 170. He claims he can't make any money at 155. He really can't beat any of the top echelon guys at 155 either. Who would he match up well against at 170? I will concede that he has tremendous grappling skills, but I haven't been impressed by his standup, and think that he would have a miserable time at 170. Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Nate Diaz considering move to 170

    I think Diaz is a very good fighter at 155, although I can't imagine him with his current physique competing at 170. I found it amusing when he was introdued in the ring, giving the double biceps flex when there was clearly nothing to be shown.

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    Default Re: Nate Diaz considering move to 170

    A couple of cycles of the special juice and he might do ok at 170. HE would have to pack on some major muscles and get a lot strong, but his grappling is good. He will never be in title contention at any weight in the UFC so why not bump up and experiment (or risk his life) at 170.

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    Default Re: Nate Diaz considering move to 170

    Do non contenders at 170 make more than they do at 155? did he admit he lost this fight? I know his brother used to say he didn't know the scoring as far as takedowns were concerned, implying he didn't lose any of his fights.
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    Default Re: Nate Diaz considering move to 170

    I think diaz is a good fighter, he needs to develop his strength and wrestling. His subs are great, his stand up is solid as well but he needs to use his reach more.

    He lost to some strong wrestlers and had a very close fight with maynard who may be the number two lw.

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