I was locked out of the site all morning, im looking into matters to see if mmareporter had schlottke block me.

Now onto new matters.

Its all but confirmed now that edgar will get the next title shot.

The Denver UFN is starting to round into form, so far the card looks like this:
Jon Jones vs. Brandon Vera
Sean Sherk vs. Clay Guida
Eliot Marshal vs. Vlad Matyushenko
Brendan Schaub vs. Chase Gormley
Spencer Fisher vs. Duane Ludwig
Anthony Johnson vs. Jon Howard

Would not be a bad time for a twt summit, as it coincides with pjerseys participation in the golden gloves.

UFN thoughts:

I have made my thoughts known on this before but i still am concerned that maynard like other wrestlers is falling in love with striking. While i was impressed with his head movement, he needs to realize that at 30 years old he wont get to an anderson silva level of striking. He is a great wrestler, is a huge strong 155 and works with some great jiu jitsu guys. Its important to develop your striking but it should be mixed with your wrestling to make it most effective. If he added in some shots and fakes guys would be forced to respect his wrestling and it would open up his strikes even more.

I know diaz is dangerous on the ground but guida and stevenson showed a strong wrestler can grind him out. I still think maynard can be champion in time, but he needs to remember that wrestling is his bread and butter and something he will be better at than all of his opponents, all the other skills he develops should just supplement his wrestling.

Great heart by simpson, ill need to rewatch the fight again to see if it should have been a 10-8 first but i did have simpson winning the last two.

Dunham looked really tough, escudero has a lot of heart and did not want to tap but there was no way out.

Gotta watch the prelims to see geralds first ufc victory, also i heard rick story looked like a beast.

I will be updating the rest of the rumored cards as a lot of new fights have been booked.