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Thread: Bader vs Jardine @ UFC 110

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    This is a precarious fight for Bader. In addition to all thats been mentioned, Jardine needs to seriously show for this one or his UFC career may be in jeopardy. Bader might have to "takedown" this win.

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    I agree w/ Jan. This is a must win for Jardine. He has shown flashes of brilliance, but also has looked unfocused and disinterested at times. Bader has to control the cage, and takedowns will play a big factor imo.
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    I like both these guys and hate when these matchups happen. That being said, I have also heard that Jardine has a pretty good ground game. This is definitely a tough fight for Bader.

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    If I had to bet it, I would say Bader wins in a boring lay-n-pray type fight.

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