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    Default Joe Lauzon out of shape?

    Not to take anything away from Sam Stout. He did a very good job last night. But, I feel that Joe Lauzon was a very out of shape.

    Joe did pretty well the first four minutes of the first round, nearly pulling a kimura and all. Then, his takedowns looked a bit sloppier and he was shooting from long distances. I don't want to take anything away from Sam Stout because his takedown defense looked very good - I'll give him that. Actually, the first round was given to Sam Stout (all rounds were), but after the first round it wasn't even a competitive fight. I feel it would've been more competitive with Lauzon having better conditioning. Joe Lauzon has been on a knee injury for almost a year, which I'm sure is fully healed, but I figure it would be hard to train conditioning with a bad knee. I don't think he had any cage/ring rust, he looked good, but his conditioning was horrible. What do you all think?

    Once again, I'm not trying to take away anything from Sam Stout. I'm am also not saying that this issue would've also changed the outcome of the fight, but this is one thing I've noticed and I felt it was a big factor to the outcome. What do you all think?

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    Default Re: Joe Lauzon out of shape?

    Typically lauzon is in good condition, but this was his first fight back from a torn acl. That seemed to make a big difference with his conditioning and how sharp he was.

    Stout showed improvements with his takedown defense, and ability to fend off subs but i still think he is anything special. He lacks power and doesnt really have good hand speed. His combos are predictable as he throws the same one two over and over.

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