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Thread: Kimbo Slice reactions?

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    what are your thoughts on the outcome of Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander? does he belong in the UFC?

    p.s roy nelson you suck!

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    I think his ground game has obviously improved but they both seemed very afraid to get tired.

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    i agree...but i think kimbo wanted to go toe to toe and brawl, yet alexander totally changed his game plan and did not look like the alexander that ko'd jardine and sakara

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    Kimbo looked decent. still has a ways to go to become contender status. But he was definitely entertaining once he got in Alexander's range and hit him w/ some good shots and also managed to take Alexander Done a few times. Y not have him in the ufc? if ppl want to watch him in the ufc im all for it. he's improved since he started mma and i think he will continue to improve.

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