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Thread: UFC Undisputed PS3 Game

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    Default UFC Undisputed PS3 Game

    I went and picked this up today to check it out... it's pretty weak.

    It is basically a clone of fight night series but with a lot less control of the fighter.

    What really turned me off was that Dana White shows up immediately after the career mode starts and seems to follow you along throughout the career process. It'd be like buying Madden and having Roger Goodell walking you through training.

    UFC and White seem to have rushed this title out pretty fast.. My expectations were not very high going in, but I can honestly say I've never played a worse game on the PS3.

    (On the other hand, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is unreal...)

    The standard fighting portion is pretty cool, though... no Dana White in sight.
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    Default Re: UFC Undisputed PS3 Game

    Weak? I agree it wasn't what I expected, but it was certainly not "weak". The fighting aspect of the game really shines, it's realistic and true to MMA. You could use punch-kick combos, pummel opponets in close range clinches or keep them away with a barrage of different level kicks, but you certainly can't button smash. Leg kicks (especially excessive use of it) will result your opponent landing a takedown. If you're too close for too long, say hello to the muay thai clinch game. Grappling itself gives a nice variety to the realistic fighting system, which uses timing more then anything. You want to get out of your opponent's gaurd? Timeing. You want to sweep the guy mounted on you? Timeing. Even striking is all about timeing and distance.

    If you really get to know the game then it's pretty addicting. It's more then just realistic button smashing. It's a combination of using the right strikes at the right time while either avoiding or attempting a clinch, sumbmission, takedown, or grappling in general. It's another dimension.

    I can't recall how many times my online opponents abused their kicking abilities and it landed them to the canvas. I can't recall how many times my opponent and I struggled to gain a better position while on the ground, whenever I tried a sweep he would counter it. It was a game of timing.

    Of course, I was expecting alot more out of the career mode, which is playable but at the same time bleak. However, that's the only weak part of the game. There's plenty of unlockables, a nice variety of UFC branded characters, and interesting online brawls.

    My only other offense against UFC undisputed; where the hell is couture?!

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    Default Re: UFC Undisputed PS3 Game

    Yeah, after playing outside of career mode Id have to agree with you.

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    Way better than the previous UFC games.

    I think Randy is in the EA game with Fedor.
    Like Billy Jacks' soul attack, I'm one Injun you wont forget.

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    Body control seems a bit clunky but it definitely is better than my first thoughts.

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