On becoming religious:

?It all happened in Nizhniy Novgorod. I was invited for a competition there as well as a trip to some holy sites. After visiting there, something inside me changed. I didn?t just understand, but I actually felt that God exists. A lot of questions that troubled me then were answered. Everything fell into its place. Later, in my church, where I prayed I met father Andrei. I started to come to confession to him and often talked about various things. And then I asked him to become my spiritual advisor and he agreed. Since then he blesses me before every fight.?

On his spiritual advisor:

?He is in great shape right now. We run together with him and that?s just the beginning. He goes to the gym with me, trains. He still holds a pull up record in our gym. But he is a true Christian.?

On the American people:

?You know, Americans are people just like us. Different faith but they are very friendly and hospitable. However, I did not go into Catholic churches out of principle when I was there. Every morning I meet with a prayer and I did this in the hotel room.?

On fighting in the cage:

?I wouldn?t say the cage was that different. I trained in a similar cage in St. Petersburg and I knew what to do during the fight.?

On his dislocated thumb:

?I was worried about my thumb. At first I didn?t notice that I dislocated it. But then I felt my hand hurt and immediately started getting thoughts about how this will impact my career and whether I?ll be able to fight again. But then I gathered enough strength and knocked him out with a right. I didn?t have to change the tactics of the match too much.?