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Discuss WEC Discussion here: spoilers included at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Let the talk place in here...
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    Default WEC Discussion here: spoilers included

    Let the talk place in here

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    Default Re: WEC Discussion here: spoilers included

    Since Direct TV dropped Versus, I don't get to see any WEC.
    Last nights sounded like they had the usual number of excellent fights.
    Not surprised that Brown lost, Aldo looked like a teror in the few fights I saw of him and Brown seems to be more of a grinder.

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    Default Re: WEC Discussion here: spoilers included

    Someone needs to tell Dana to sign also into the ufc as a lightwt. He is possibly the best striker in MMA, standing at 5 ft 10. His TD defense is stellar and nobody knws how good his jiu jitsu is. He is listed as a blackbelt. I think this kid is just getting started. He is plenty big enough for 155. In fact he is bigger than Edgar right now.
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